Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Authenticating Lifelong Learning in South Africa: Colette February


Colette February


In this podcast episode, Dr. Colette February shares her experiences as a mature student in the South African higher education environment and how it has positively shaped her identity. She discusses the motivation and needs of mature learners and the importance of flexibility in time and space needs that higher education should consider. 


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Transitions Colette February Interview Transcript



Monday, April 22, 2024



Transitions from Pedagogy to Andragogy: An International Perspective is an edited volume that emphasizes the importance of the college and postsecondary experience as the key transition point for individuals as they move into the adult world. This transition is critical to the transformational process of becoming a lifelong learner. Each author is asked to share their ideas about their country’s educational systems and their own personal experiences in terms of becoming lifelong learners.
Leslie Cordie

Join Dr. Leslie Cordie, the host for this series of podcasts, on this journey with 14 adult educators on best practices across the transition to adulthood and reflections on lifelong learning. The podcast episodes provide a global perspective and recognition of this transitional process which is called Chuagogy.

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